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Molecular medicine laboratory

Focus on molecular and genomic studies for the cellular mechanisms understanding, functioning of genes, proteins and other molecules, as well as specific biomarkers research.


  • Extraction and purification of genetic material.
  • Application of real time PCR for the characterization of detailed studies of:
    • Gene expression analysis.
    • Genotyping.
    • Pathogen detection.
    • miRNA profile.
    • Analyses of mutations.
    • detection of different types of virus.
    • Genotyping of variations on polymorphism nucleotide sequencing.
    • Determination of genetic variation in a population.
  • Genetic sequence
    • Complete genomes of superior organisms, bacteria and viruses.
    • Metagenomics analysis of complex environmental samples.
  • Extraction, isolation and purification of nucleic acids of varied origins.
  • Design of diagnostic methods for detection of mutagenic process, associated with different pathologies.
  • Construction and manufacturing of recombinant vectors.
  • Diagnoses
    • Paternity test.
    • Cytomegalovirus detection.
    • Detection and classification of viruses.