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Bionanotechnology and Microscopy Laboratory

In this laboratory are carried out research and analytical services for the qualitative and quantitative morphological characterization of a broader range of biological, ceramic, polymeric, hybrids and metal materials using high-resolution Microscopy as well as devices for size and charge measurement at micro and nano scale.


  • Measurement of average size and surface charge of micro and nano-particles.
  • Manufacturing, micro and nano-encapsulation.
  • Distillation processes and samples concentration.
  • Modular reactor system for the optimization and modulation of different types of chemical reactions through a controlled critical environment (temperature, time and mix speed at laboratory-scale).
  • Morphological characterization of micro and nano-materials through Scanning Electronic Microscopy (SEM) and Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM).
  • Semiquantitative analysis of the composition and distribution of elements on surface material samples (micro and nano) through an Energy Dispersive Detector.