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About us

The Núcleo de Investigación Científica y Desarrollo Tecnológico (NICDET) is a private institution that carries out scientific and technological research, involving highly-qualified staff, applying frontier technology, collaborating with national and international educational institutions and linking with different sectors of society.

Science is the essential foundation of NICDET; it is for this reason that NICDET puts all its efforts in the generation, transmission and application of specialized knowledge on areas of micro and nanotechnology, molecular medicine, genomics, stem cells and bioinformatics. It’s oriented to generate scientific knowledge through the research in each area of specialization as well as through the development of top level human resources through the collaboration with public, private and social sectors and working on the development of applied research projects.

The staff is dedicated to conduct frontier research, to train human resources and to encourage collaborative links. The research group interacts closely with prestigious institutions in Mexico and abroad.

NICDET’s state–of–the–art facilities include offices, conference rooms, seminar rooms, computer center, laboratories, clean rooms, cubicles and recreation areas.


Generate scientific knowledge and technology to contribute to the country development, through basic and applied research as well as in the human resources training with a focus on product and processes innovation that produce value to productive and social sector within a framework that contribute to social welfare in a responsible and ethical manner.

Strategic objectives

  • Promote multi/interdisciplinary work in high-impact areas related to micro and nanotechnology, molecular medicine, genomics, stem cells and bioinformatics.
  • Link applied research with national industrial, social and governmental needs.
  • Promote national and international cooperation.
  • Promote human resources training in emerging areas of science.


To be a world class institution, leading in research and innovation, committed to generate value and with the contribution of high-impact technological solutions for national development.


In 2009, José Luis Rubio Pino M.D., CEO of Rubio Corporativo, established a long-term competitive strategy and focused his objectives towards research and technology development. To achieve it, he visualized the development of an ambitious project. With a global market approach, the basis of the project was the technology and knowledge in emerging areas that are being developed in countries such as Singapore, South Korea, Japan, United States and other European countries.

In this way, NICDET construction was aimed on the innovation and development of cutting-edge technologies.